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Alison Smith BSc (Hons) is an experienced and highly qualified Acupuncturist. Passionate and committed to her practice, Alison believes that Chinese medicine and Acupuncture can often provide simple, yet highly effective, solutions to many acute and chronic conditions.

Chinese medicine is the oldest continually recorded medical system and Acupuncture derives from it. Thousands of years of this ancient practice’s evolution have firmly established it in today’s modern healthcare system. The unique beauty of Acupuncture therapy is its recognition and response to individual needs, treating not only symptoms but also the underling causes of them.

Alison is as happy to treat clients for standalone Acupuncture treatments as well as those seeking to integrate this alternative therapy alongside traditional Western medicine.  There is increasing medical acknowledgment of how these two forms of medicine can powerfully compliment each other to create a greater sense of wellbeing in recipients. Alison encourages open discussions at initial consultation stage and during each treatment to ensure that she best supports other therapies being given.

Alison’s home practice is situated in a leafy, quiet hamlet in Camberwell, just a short walk from Denmark Hill station in South London – and her studio is conveniently located for anyone looking for an experienced Acupuncturist in the Peckham, Dulwich or Herne Hill area.